Kate Jones is an exhibiting artist in the current Wondrous Indeed exhibition.

These works highlight the collisions between Jones’ observations of a society through its politics and power. Jones’ art contemplates the impact of gender roles upon the objectification of women…merchandise and marketing creates commodities and clients.


“It is not in becoming a whore that a woman becomes an outlaw in this man’s world; it is in the possession of herself, the ownership and effective control of her own body, her separateness and distinctness, the integrity of her body as hers, not his. Prostitution may be against the written law, but no prostitute has defied the prerogatives or power of men as a class through prostitution. No prostitute provides any model for freedom or action in a world of freedom that can be used with intelligence and integrity by a woman; the model exists to entice counterfeit female sexual revolutionaries, gullible liberated girls, and to serve the men who enjoy them.” – Andrea Dworkin


The objectification of a woman and self objectification can be seen through the lens. What can’t be seen is the costs.


Jones is a conceptual artist and a bit of a maverick, whose works often reflect her many multi-dimensional characters. Her works are known for their raw edginess as it reflects some sexually provocative visual statements.  Staying true to her raw edginess, Jones’ performance of the ‘YKYWI’ series during Art Basel Miami 2013 was truly art imitating life-imitating art. 


Jones likes to work from a platform of large life-like scaled pieces. In the ‘You Know You Want It’ series, works measure 48 X 72”.   The subjects and themes in her works draws a tension within the subconscious psychological relations between viewer and the visual elements of the pieces of work.