ev·o·lu·tion: noun
The gradual development of something; advancement; growth; rise; progress; expansion.
The Center is evolving, changing, expanding: and we want you to understand what’s happening so you don’t miss out on all the exciting exhibitions we have planned. Let’s talk about our new model, and what it means to you.
Think of us like your favorite band. You don’t expect it to play in the same venue every single time, and you follow them to get your music fix. It’s the same with The Center. We’re showing in a variety of venues that offer different and vibrant experiences with each exhibition.
It’s exciting, it’s daring, and we think it’s way past time to shake things up.
While we still have an administrative office in the heart of downtown Fort Collins, Colorado, we are programming exhibitions and educational programs throughout Fort Collins and beyond. We are now a dynamic hybrid model (brick and mortar galleries/photo festival/online organization), that continues to embrace all the elements you love about the Center that build community and collaboration.
We still strongly believe in brick and mortar (or wood and plaster) exhibitions. But our evolution now has us expanding into unexpected and experimental programming. The next year will feature photo-based artists working in non-traditional modalities that are exhibited in unusual venues.
Look for exhibitions that will be projected on the sides of buildings, at photo festivals, and other innovative locations. This new model gives us the freedom to explore creative and more effective ways to promote artists and bring about awareness of important issues to the wider public—an audience we simply couldn’t reach from a single, static location.
The Center is strong and expanding our reach and effectiveness. Join us on this journey of evolution as we embrace new opportunities in this changing online/digital world.
Hamidah Glasgow