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Posted by The Center on July 29, 2010

(Photo credit: Natalie Arriola, The Art of the Kill)

With The Art of the Kill, photographer Natalie Arriola makes what’s for dinner a very complicated question.

In her own words:

Whether the photographer captures part of a scene which stands before her or creates her own, she focuses on a single aspect or element of that scene and freezes it in time. This act forces the viewer to look where she might not have looked. In my image, The Art of the Kill, I have attempted to force the viewer to look beyond the ritual art of taking our daily meals. I have attempted to manifest the relationship between the flesh of the creatures we consume and our own flesh.

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Posted by The Center on July 28, 2010

(Photo credit: Paul Marquardt, Dollar Drift)

From a distance, Paul Marquardt’s Dollar Drift resembles a Vija Celmins painting. Up close, this visual subterfuge emerges as a subtle statement on mindless waste.

He writes:

Communicating with people of all ages, nationalities, and persuasions is my primary concern, using visual metaphor, surprising juxtapositions, and humor to comment on social issues. My attempt is to reach the pre-conscious mind where our ideas form, surfacing preconceptions for review and, perhaps, for change.

See more of this project at

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