(Photo credit: Kirk Crippens, “Thank You” from the series “Foreclosure USA”)

Kirk Crippens’ series “Foreclosure USA” examines the real estate detritus of the 2008 recession. The leave behinds – stars pasted to the ceiling in a child’s room, thanks for shopping signage – become tooth ache sweet testaments to misguided faith in consumption as redemption.

He writes:

The current unemployment rate is one of the highest in the nation. Foreclosure, USA explores Stockton’s foreclosed homes and the abruptly suspended housing developments in its hardest hit neighborhoods. It also documents the “foreclosure industry” and businesses affected by the housing crash. A city that twice received the All America City award from the National Civic League as it converted large tracts of farmland into “homes” can surely teach us much about truly sustainable development. It is hoped that the project will promote dialogue about sustainable economic growth in local communities everywhere and educate us about the real cost of the unquestioned American dream.

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