(Photo credit: James A. Meaux, 12/21/08-1/2/09)

By giving attention and thought to the mundane, I am able to understand and notice the things that I take for granted in the world.

James A. Meaux’s photomontage, 12/21/08 – 1/2/09, selected for the Center’s “New Visions” exhibition, is a step-by-step testimony of the photographer’s daily precedents. Hygiene, body image, popular culture, and nutrition are all interspersed throughout Meaux’s photographic matrix of time management. For Meaux, photographing his day-to-day routine provides “a clear experience of being.”

[By] keeping track of my daily routine I am able to focus on things that occur in the human experience such as consumption and materialism. Photographing everything that I consume, I begin to realize how much we consume in everyday life.

More of James’ work can be found at www.jamesameaux.com