(Photo credit: Adrian Klein, Painted Sunset)

People often wonder (usually the people not holding a camera) whether photographers really absorb a moment or if they are always “at work.” Photography is about absorbing moments – light, color, laughter – with a lens. It’s easy to get carried away in an internal dialogue but just as simple to let the camera drop and take in the view – as was the personal case of photographer Adrian Klein in the making of this image.

In his own words:

I was exploring The Painted Hills National Monument on a cold and quiet winter day as the weather seemed to hold its grasp on the dark and gloomy feel, refusing to let go. Later on as sunset unfolded the clouds loosened there grasp and lit the hills with golden light behind the otherworldly main attraction. A good friend and I were the only two people around to witness this grand scene which made it all the more special. As usual with these scenes the light came and went in what felt like minutes. Of my many visits to this area this particular trip is still my favorite and now you can see why.

More of Adrian’s work can be seen at www.adrianklein.com