Congratulations on being selected for the upcoming exhibition at The Center for Fine Art Photography! In order for our scheduled exhibitions to run smoothly please adhere to the following deadlines.  The Center greatly appreciates your timely cooperation and we look forward to exhibiting your work.

Deadlines & Dates

Center Forward Dates and Deadlines (pdf)

July 26, 2019

  • Artist’s Information Form is due on this date. This form is required for all exhibiting artists.
  • Call 970-224-1010 | Your C4FAP account information is used to link your website. Please update it by this date.

August 19, 2019

  • Final Shipping and Hand Delivery Deadline (Shipping Instructions)
    • Label the delivery with artists last name and name of exhibition
      • Example: (lastname_Center Forward)
    • FedEx & UPS Shipping Address:
      • 321 Maple Street, Ring Bell at South Door
        Fort Collins, CO 80521
    • USPS Shipping Address:
      • P.O. Box 1010,
        Fort Collins, CO 80522
    • Drop-offs by Appointment Only
      • Call: 970-224-1010 to make an appointment

All works must arrive before the deadline to be included.

August 26, 2019

  • Payment for Printing and Framing is Due.
    • You will be sent a link to a secure payment form, which must be submitted to complete payment.

September 6, 2019

  • Exhibition Opens to the Public
    • 3 Square Art, 2415 Donella Ct Ste 110, Fort Collins, CO 80524

September 7

  • Artist Portfolio Reviews – One on One, Saturday Morning
  • Saturday Afternoon Artists Portfolio Share is from 2:00-5:00, and all artists are welcome; this is not a public event.
  • Artist and Public Reception, Saturday Evening from 6:00-8:00pm
    All artists, friends, family and the public are welcome.

September 30, 2019

  • Exhibition Closes

After Exhibition

  • Work(s) are shipped from the Center or picked up by artist by this date.


Social Media

The Center creates social media promotions for chosen artists and the exhibition. We encourage you to participate and share any promotions to help promote your exhibition.

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Reception Weekend Events & Portfolio Review Scheduling

Reception: Saturday, September 7, 2019 from 6:00-8:00 pm

RECEPTION & VENUE INFO: The reception to celebrate the exhibition is from 6:00-8:00 on Saturday evening at

3 Square Art, 2415 Donella Ct Ste 110, Fort Collins, CO 80524 The reception is open to all artists, friends and family as well as the public. Admission is free for everyone. We serve light snacks, beer and wine.

  • Saturday Night NO HOST DINNER: All artists and their guests are invited to join us at a no host dinner around 8:00 pm following the reception at a local restaurant. Details will be provided at the reception.

Portfolio Reviews: September 7, 2019

  • Saturday  PORTFOLIO REVIEWS: On Saturday morning we offer 20-minute Portfolio Reviews for exhibiting artists with our Executive Director and the Juror of the show. The reviews are one on one and scheduled in advance.
      • Review times need to be chosen with your travel schedules in mind. Please reserve, as far ahead of time as possible, reservations are on a first come, first served basis. Spaces are limited so please honor all reservations. Scheduling will close when all spots are taken.
      • Once scheduling is announced, please contact Hamidah Glasgow at
      • Saturday PORTFOLIO SHARE: All exhibiting artists are invited to share their portfolios with each other and the Executive Director. Portfolio Share is from 2:00-5:00, all artists are welcome and no reservation is needed. This is not a public event.


  • Portfolios can be shown as traditional prints or digitally.
  • Each portfolio review is customized to meet the artists experience level, artistic vision and the financial considerations of producing prints.
  • The number of images varies by each artist. For questions regarding the portfolio review specifics please call Executive Director, Hamidah Glasgow at 970-224-1010 or email

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Getting Your Work to the Center: Artwork Delivery

  • Send your unframed print directly to C4FAP for framing by August 19th.
    • If you want the Center to have your work printed & framed in Fort Collins, please indicate in the Artist Information Form, this will save initial shipping costs. Our trusted printer and framer will professionally finish your images to your specifications using archival materials. Our printer and framer also offer the Center exhibitors a discount.
    • Please email with the final print size and framing style description for an estimate of printing and/or framing cost or see the price chart on the Print and Framing Estimate Sheet.
  • Send your well packed, professionally presented/framed, exhibition ready image to the Center by August 19th.

  • Hand-deliver your framed work to C4FAP no later than August 19th
    • Your image can be delivered Monday-Friday from 10am to 6pm, by appointment, except on holidays. Please arrange for pickup of your work within two weeks of the closing date.

Shipping Addresses:

  • FedEx & UPS Shipping Address:
    • 321 Maple Street, Ring Bell at South Door
      Fort Collins, CO 80521
  • USPS Shipping Address:
    • P.O. Box 1010,
      Fort Collins, CO 80522
  • Drop-offs by Appointment Only
    • Call: 970-224-1010 to make an appointment

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Unframed Images: Damaged prints must be replaced before exhibition, protect them instead of replacing them! When mailing prints, it is safer to flat mail them with proper packing. Always protect the print surface with print tissue or glassine and secure it to the flat surface. Use at least two layers of foam core or stronger material on each side (a total of four layers) to prevent bending. Using only cardboard or marking do not bend does not sufficiently protect your print! Photo paper boxes also make great shipping containers. Your local printer or framer will be able to help if you wish to purchase professional print packing boxes or print tissue paper. FedEx has an easy float system print box that can be purchased as well and reused during return shipping for your framed work if large enough.


We recommend using a Masterpak (clamshell) style box with the custom padding or a FedEx Float box. You can also send your framed images in a heavy-duty double walled cardboard or crate container with at least 2 inches of impact resistant packing on each side of the frame. Home Depot sells a picture/TV box that works well for art. Go easy on the tape inside your box; we cannot reuse overly taped packing materials. Pay close attention to protecting the corners of the frame. Use only standard shipping materials, such as large bubble wrap. A few layers of large size bubble wrap around the print will provide good protection. After packing, shake your box. Your framed image should not shift within the box. The artist/shipper must handle any shipment damage claims. If your work is damaged, images will be sent of the damage and packing materials will be saved. Any pieces received with major damage must be repaired before the exhibition to be included.


    • It is the artist’s responsibility to provide the Center with a pre-paid return shipping label.
      • Pre-paid shipping labels with a barcode are accepted from UPS and FedEx by email or mail.
      • Send checks and/or paperwork in a separate envelope not in the same shipment as the work. Do not send any checks or paperwork in with your framed image.
    • It is the artist’s responsibility to pay any applicable packing materials fees as soon as they receive the secured billing email, about one week after exhibition.
    • We will not accept stamps as shipping payment.
    • Work is considered abandoned after 30 days.
  • It is the artist’s responsibility to research the shipping terms and conditions of any shipping company that they select to ship with. We recommend insuring your image for the replacement value of your image; your insurance amount for returns can be specified on the Exhibitors Information Form. Damage claims for shipments can only be processed if all packing materials and box are retained by the receiver for inspection by the shipping company. The Center is not responsible for shipping damage.

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Production Requirements and Options


The Center works with a local professional framer to provide artists with custom framing services in Fort Collins. Frame styles and options can be selected on the printing and framing form or they can match your custom frame style with a style number. You may send prints for framing, or have the work printed and framed in Fort Collins. The link to the printing and/or framing order form is at the top of page two. All frames are custom cut to your artwork, ensuring even margins; no artwork will ever be cropped or resized. The size of the framed print is up to the artist; all framed prints anticipated to be over 40 inches in length must be approved by C4FAP before exhibition and may require a custom box for shipping. You will be securely billed by email for the framing services.


The Center works with a professional print house in Fort Collins. These services are only offered to international participants and participants who do not have access to printing solutions. Contact us if you are in this situation to discuss printing options.


We offer low cost presentation options for those who need it. The presentation must be reserved and size coordinated ahead of time.

  • BORROW A 20″ x 24″ FRAME
    The Center has ten 20″ x 24″ black frames that can be borrowed. It is the responsibility of the artist to make sure that the finished artwork (mounted print, mat, etc.) is trimmed exactly to 20″ x 24″. These are granted on a first come, first serve basis.
    This is a great low cost option and exhibited prints can be tube shipped at a much lower cost back to the artist if not sold. With this presentation method a minimum one inch (2.5cm) of white paper border around the image is required. We have several sizes of print hangers to borrow, please email to check available size options. We need to coordinate the print size to match the hanger before submitting our file for printing.


We show works of very small to very large sizes without a preference. There is no size minimum or maximum. Works over 40 inches must be pre-approved with the Center. Large images produced by the Center may require a custom box and boxes over 42 inches may require a freight shipment with increased costs. Images that were captured with a smaller file size should be printed smaller and not be made larger in Photoshop, it creates blurred and un-detailed prints. Prints with this effect may be denied exhibition. Production and shipment costs always increase with image size.


The Center reserves the right to disqualify received work that does not meet the following requirements: If the printed image is of poor quality due to over-sizing small files or any other issue that causes bad prints (i.e. bad post production, over-sharpening or printer defects), if the image has been noticeably altered from that submitted for jurying, or if the matting or framing is unprofessional, damaged or of poor quality. 


If you wish to sign your work, please sign it in pencil on the back or the front, making sure to not press hard enough to damage the print. Do not sign your mat. Do not sign your artwork in anything other than pencil or black ink. Never sign a print in marker or colorful ink. If signed on the back it is good practice to include the title of the image and the date.


All exhibited images must be professionally printed and professionally framed or presented. The Center recognizes that some framing is non-traditional an integral part of the presentation of the work. All images must be ready to hang and include wire installed on the frame. Neutral, black or white, or natural wood (not barn wood) frames only. All exceptions must be approved ahead of time, please call with any questions. Please no colorful mats, colorful frames, barn wood, color or metallic frame accents. Frames or glazing that are damaged or have extensive scratches and wear will not be exhibited unless repairs can be made at the artist’s expense before exhibition. If you have any questions about your framing, please contact the Center before shipping your work.


If you are sending us a framed image, please be sure it is wired and has all necessary hanging hardware included in the shipment. If you are using a cleat, it needs to be pre-drilled. All wires need to be securely attached. Please do not use sawtooth hangers. In the event that your work arrives unwired or without a cleat, we will charge you $5.00 to $10.00 to wire it (depending on the framed size) Here is a quick tutorial, skip to 2 mins and 40 seconds for the wire knot instructions. The whole video does offer proper advice. 


Due to the extremely delicate nature of photography, the Center cannot ensure the safety of nor insure works presented without glazing or using magnets or print hangers for presentation. While we encourage alternate presentations we cannot insure them.

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Artist Statements

Presentation of Information in this order:

  1. Title of Work
  2. Series Title in Italics, number in edition and edition number
  3. Artist Name
  4. Body of Artist’s Statement
  5. Website or portfolio (please do not include personal home address or phone number)

C4FAP Format Guidelines

  • Name your statement with last name_exhibitiontitle
  • Please use 1-inch margins on all sides.
  • Your statement should be one page or less, double spaced, and 11–12 point type size.
  • Use Helvetica Regular, it is easy to read.
Suggestions for Creating an Artists’ Statement The goal is to describe your work quickly, succinctly, and clearly
  • Insights into the work help connect the viewer to the image
  • Be specific to the work in this exhibition and its place within a series
  • Use active sentence form
  • Approach your artist’s statement as a professional, collectors read these before purchasing the work.
  • Please proofread and spellcheck all statements
Ideas for content:
  • Your approach to creating
  • Inspiration and personal connection to the work
  • Describe your technique
  • Your philosophy as it is expressed in your art
  • Meaning of your work
  • Symbols, metaphors, analogies
  • Themes and underlying issues
  • Life experiences, influences on your work
  • (Optional) Photographic and Technical Process for Alternative process images
  • Camera and lens used only if unusual.
  • Chemicals, toning, alternative materials, etc…
  • Printing process if unusual.
  • Processing; how the image was created from start to finish (this is especially important for alternative processed images

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If your work remains unspoken for at C4FAP without communication for more than 30 days after your exhibition closes, it is considered abandoned and becomes the property of C4FAP. Your work may be destroyed at that time. We prefer that you stay in touch and let us know how we can be of service to get your work returned to you, a friend, or a representative. Shipping delays for those traveling can be arranged.


Each artist retains all copyrights to their own images. Only artists whose submissions are chosen for the exhibition grant The Center for Fine Art Photography the right to use their images for the purpose of promoting the artist, promoting exhibition, promoting the Center’s programs and for display on the Center’s website of current and past exhibitions. Images may also be placed on our social media for promotion of the exhibition and for artist promotion and features. Artists grant the use of their image(s) as stated without further contact or compensation from the Center. Artist’s recognition is provided with any use. These uses allow the Center to promote artists and their work.


The Center encourages sales during the exhibition the artist receives a 70% commission on all works sold (unframed prints included). Your pricing on the exhibitor form should include consideration for this commission. If a print is sold it will be ordered from the artist at the time of sale. Print only prices need to include the price of shipping the print to the center or buyer after the sale. Artists will always choose the price for their own work. Please do not overvalue the frame in framed price vs. the print price. It is generally best to charge for the frame at cost.

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Please call or email us with any questions about shipping, printing, framing, pricing or any other topics that may arise while preparing for exhibition.

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