As a new monthly feature on PERSPECTIVES, the Center lists upcoming submission deadlines for grants, fellowships and residencies. If you know of similar opportunities for photographers, please send an e-mail

1. The Woodstock A-I-R Residency Program; Woodstock, Vermont, USA.

Deadline: Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WOODSTOCK A-I-R was established in 1999 to secure opportunities for artists of color working in the photographic arts and guarantee an open forum for their work and ideas. The program provides residents with the facilities and support to contemplate and create within one of the oldest artist colonies in the United States – allowing artists to both experience and enrich the living legacy of Woodstock as a colony of the arts.

In 2010 the Center for Photography at Woodstock will provide residencies for seven artists and one scholar to participate in WOODSTOCK A-I-R. Residency opportunities are held sequentially and range from three to six weeks from June through September. Participants receive workspace, critical and technical support, housing, stipends for food, travel, and honoraria. Artists working in photography and related media are invited to continue work on existing projects, embark on new work, and/or contemplate their artistic goals. Participants have 24-hour access to CPW’s workspace facilities as well as CPW’s professional resources. Artists who participate in WOODSTOCK A-I-R have their work featured in a biannual exhibition in CPW’s galleries and/or have their work published in PHOTOGRAPHY Quarterly. Additionally, participating artists’ work is archived on CPW’s website. Professional development is fostered through scheduled studio visits between artists and CPW staff as well as with visiting critics.

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2. Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography

Deadline: Saturday, May 1, 2010

Open to both students and professionals.

We believe that photojournalism is a powerful tool for telling compelling social, political and cultural stories. We also understand that creating and managing world-class photography assignments requires time, freedom, support and considerable resources.

Since 2005, we have awarded five Grants for Editorial Photography annually to professional photojournalists. Each grant provides $20,000, plus editorial, logistical and promotional support. We also award four student grants of $5,000 per year to photojournalism students at accredited schools.

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3. The Sirius Arts Centre Residency Programme; Cork, Ireland.

Deadline: Monday, May 17, 2010

1) Artists from Ireland and abroad are invited by the curatorial panel for residencies, with a view to developing exhibitions, projects or publications in Cobh and Cork County.

2) Artists may submit an application to be considered for a residency at Sirius.

Applications are considered for both single artists or groups of artists who wish to share the residency.

The term of residence at Sirius ranges from 4 – 6 weeks. Longer residencies can be considered in specific circumstances.

Sirius Arts Centre has been developing our Artist in Residence programme for over a decade. The programme is funded by the Arts Council and Cork County Council and is recognised internationally. The residency apartment is located in the basement of the Sirius Arts Centre’s building in the centre of Cobh – 20 minutes by train to Cork City: a four bedroom two bathroom flat with it’s own kitchen and work area, within walking distance of transportation and Cobh town centre. The Artist in Residency programme at Sirius provides residential and some work space to visual artists, either individuals or groups.

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