(Photo credit: Jokulsarlon, Iceland by Barbara Myriam Ventura)

I believe one must move beyond the dualistic concept of ‘an artist and his work’ in order to create and experience art in its essential timeless expression.

Photographer Barbara Myriam Ventura uses her work to embrace her distinct connection with water. Her image, Jokulsarlon, Iceland, was chosen by juror John Paul Caponigro for the Juror’s Selection in the Elements of Water exhibition. The sheer power of the image, which shows a wave crashing and flowing over glacial ice, represents water in its natural oceanic condition while also symbolically portraying the world’s rising global climate concerns.

Jokulsarlon, Iceland is a place where imagery is in a continual flow of eruption and change. The beauty, uniqueness, and diversity of the landscape inspire an intensity, which dramatically captures the attention, consumes all sense of separate being, and passionately seizes upon the awestruck heart to be One with itself.

More of Barbara’s work can be found at www.barbaraventura.com