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Posted by The Center on July 27, 2010

(Photo credit: Matthew Gamber, Transparent Seven Inch from the project Any Color You Like)

Matthew Gamber’s Transparent Seven Inch was featured in the Center’s Consumption exhibition. His ongoing series Any Color You Like examines two tone representation in a kaleidoscope world.

He writes:

The photographs in Any Color You Like are an experiment in how photography can confuse our perception of information. These photographs are of objects whose primary function is to stimulate our perception of color. A black-and-white image might depict an object of the present, but its character is forever is locked into the past. When these items are rendered in a traditional black-and-white format, the information that remains is merely an abstraction of its previous form.

More of Gamber’s work can be seen at

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Posted by The Center on July 23, 2010

(Photo credit: Larissa Cleveland, She Doesn’t Know Why She Likes Them)

Larissa Cleveland’s series Collector examines the compulsive Western impetus to own mass quantities of particular things. Titled with Cleveland’s abridged takeaway of the sitting, these environmental portraits feature subjects often dwarfed by their massive collections.

In her own words:

This image is from a body of work that represents my investigation into an individual and societal preoccupation with collecting and the narrative or symbolic power of objects. My experiences as a child surrounded by my father’s mass collection of civil war artifacts has prompted my continued interest in the pursuit of collecting and also to question the nature of hobby versus obsession.

See the rest of this series and more of Larissa’s work at

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