Untitled No.62 © Kerry Mansfield , Solo Exhibition Award Winner.

Merging the interior with the exterior, Kerry Mansfield uses reflections to layer the spaces in her Borderline series. Actively seeking instances where natural external space shifts seamlessly (yet unintentionally) into domestic structure.

Mansfield writes:

Throughout this exploration I have found an often harmonious union between man and nature. Mirrored, reflected and superimposed, the elements became interchangeable. The sky became ceilings. Trees became walls. Ground became floor. Air became windows. In the resulting photographs, the windows themselves vanish entirely while the outside pours inside and vice versa. Once a structure is built, we then believe ourselves separate or “safe” from the so-called chaotic influences of the natural world. What I have found is that, in many respects, what we really believe is an illusion of separateness. And we’ve chosen this as our reality.

Mansfield’s work will be showcased in a solo exhibition at the Center.

See more of Kerry’s series at www.kerrymansfield.com