(Photo Credit: Rescue, Delayed by Wrenay Gomez Charlton)

“My work addresses the always on-going production of female agency.”

Wrenay Gomez Charlton was selected by juror Stella Kramer for the Center’s “Portfolio ShowCase Volume 3.” Prints from her series, The Space Between, are now on display in the Center’s South Gallery until April 24, 2010. Her photographs explore her daughter’s fleeting adolescence and the ” isolation and the loneliness inherent in the passage from child to adult.”

Discussing how her series documents her daughter’s maturation, Gomez Charlton’s artist statement reads:

“This space between is multifaceted; the shift from being active to inactive, the passage from girlhood to womanhood, and the disparity between societal idealizations of childhood and actual experience.”

(Photo Credit: Entangled by Wrenay Gomez Charlton)

(Photo Credit: Down the Rabbit Hole by Wrenay Gomez Charlton)

(Photo Credit: Mother’s Little Helper by Wrenay Gomez Charlton)

(Photo Credit: Untitled (Bird House) by Wrenay Gomez Charlton)

More of Wrenay’s work can be found at: