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Posted by The Center on November 6, 2010

(Photo credit: Susan Virginia Worsham, “Margaret’s Rhubarb” from the series “Some Fox Tails in Virginia”)

RED” exhibitor Susan Worsham has been receiving some great press lately. Worsham has most recently been shortlisted as a Hey, Hot Shot! Semi-Finalist. She was also featured via Flak Photo on August 31, 2010.

(Photo credit: Isa Leshko, “Disenchantment” from the series “Thrills and Chills”)
Isa Leshko’s “Thrills and Chills” exhibition at the Houston Arts Alliance Gallery (October 14 – December 31, 2010) is the largest exhibition of this work to date (and includes all 21 pieces that are currently in the catalog). Check it out if you are in the area!

(Photo credit: David Leventi, Curtain, Palais Garnier, France)
David Leventi‘s “Bjorling Larynx” series  was profiled on NPR’s “The Picture Show” in Photos of a Family Dream. Leventi’s Curtain, Palais Garnier France was awarded Director’s Selection in the Center’s RED exhibition.

Keep those updates coming!

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Posted by The Center on May 7, 2010

(Photo Credit: Lynn with Red Towel by Susan Worsham)

Photographer Susan Worsham, whose series Some Fox Trails in Virginia was previously selected in 2008 for the Center’s Artists’ ShowCase, Volume 1, is featured in the Center’s “Red” exhibition. Her selected image, Lynn with Red Towel, comes from the same series. By revisiting her childhood home, Worsham’s photographs weave together Virginia’s urban landscape with its elements of sustenance—the people, the wildlife, and the produce.

Worsham’s artist statement for Some Fox Trails in Virginia reads:

This series of photographs is taken in and around Virginia, the place in which I grew up. The title comes from a book written by my father’s ancestor, to show the lineage of the Fox family in Virginia. For my own purpose, it acts as a metaphorical map, of the rediscovered paths of my childhood home.

At the age of 34, I came back to Virginia to care for my mother, who died shortly after my return. As the last of my family passed, I turned my lens to old friends, and their new families. I photographed the house in which I grew up. The man that lives there now houses snakes in my father’s old office, and rests them in my old bedroom, while he changes their cages. My mother always promised that there were no snakes in my room, and now that she is gone, there are. A hearse sits in my childhood driveway, representing the passing of my father, and suicide of my brother.

These photographs are not meant to be purely autobiographical, but rather representations of how I view things, based on my own experiences, and those of the people that I have met along the way. My boyfriend Michael, stands on the street I grew up on, bridging the gap between past and present. Lynn, the first stranger that ever sat for me, continues to pose for me, along with her son Max. I have been photographing her for sixteen years now.

More of Susan’s work can be found at:

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