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Posted by The Center on August 25, 2010

(Photo credit: Stephanie Halmos, In Reeds at Dawn)

Lost and free – two very similar concepts differentiated perhaps only by the absence of anxiety in the latter. In an age where Googlemaps and smartphones greatly decrease the odds of ever really physically being lost again, Stephanie Halmos examines her own impulse to roam.

In her own words:

I am interested in wanderlust and dreaminess: specifically, how these ideals endure as I evolve in familial and intimate relationships. I both isolate the figure, as well as allow it open-ended narratives. In this way I am exploring the notion of being lost vs. being free.

Check out the rest of Stephanie’s portfolio at

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Posted by The Center on August 24, 2010

(Photo credit: Grissel Giuliano, Apple Paradise # 1 from the series Eden’s Trap)

(Photo credit: Grissel Giuliano, Apple Paradise # 2 from the series Eden’s Trap)
(Photo credit: Grissel Giuliano, Parrot Mix from the series Eden’s Trap)

Science experiment or decorating scheme? Grissel Giuliano’s Eden’s Trap series proffers deceased vermin in a palette suited to a Victorian parlor. Appropriately, these two dimensional curio cabinets function as macabre testaments not to sweat the small stuff.

In her own words:

The “Eden’s Trap” image series was inspired by my connection with nature and observing the vital role it plays in the cycle of life and death.  The photographs underscore the tragedy of death while revealing an enigmatic beauty that lies within it.  The forthright perspective, cognitive undertones, and connotations of humor are intended to prompt the viewer’s own questions regarding existence.

See more of Grissel’s work at here

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