(Photo credit: Stan Raucher, Twins, Fulton Mall, Brooklyn)

Stan Raucher wears the suit of the obsessive observer quite well. He has distilled an extensive body of work from day to day encounters – on the street, in the subway, merely passing by. Raucher is captivated by the moments that fail to print (or qualify for Facebook update status) in our daily digests.

In his own words:

My candid photography documents ordinary people going about their daily lives in various countries and cultures. As individuals interact with one another and their surroundings, the poetry of the street emerges whenever situations that are unexpected, mysterious, humorous or poignant unfold. A spontaneous gesture, an unusual juxtaposition, a concealed mood or a hidden emotion may suddenly materialize and then vanish in a split-second. Such ephemeral events are often overlooked or quickly forgotten. My intent is to capture these fleeting moments as evocative, richly-layered photographs that will prompt us to pause and reflect on our modern lives.

Visit www.stanraucher.com to see more of Raucher’s work.