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Posted by The Center on November 1, 2010

(Photo credit: Steven Carter, “Progresso Diaries: Art Bldg, 1 UTSA Crcl”)

(Photo credit: Steven Carter, “Progresso Diaries: 12808 W Ih 10, Dinner”)

Photographer Steven Carter puts a new spin on lunch with his soup can pinholes. This unique process transforms an ordinary object (the soup can) into a device of artistry.
Wondering about the basics of pinhole photography? Check this out

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Posted by The Center on October 14, 2010

(Photo credit: Becky Ramatowski, “Cosmic Landscape I”)

(Photo credit: Becky Ramatowski, “emergence II”)

(Photo credit: Becky Ramatowski, “emergence I”)

Becky Ramotowski is star struck. In fact, you will find her extolling the tips and tricks of celestial photography on her website/blog, The relaxed speed of pinhole photography enables astrophotographer Ramotowski to blend image making with star gazing.

Read an interview with Becky at the

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