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Posted by The Center on December 18, 2010

(Photo credit: Lennette Newell, Blue Eyes)

“fascinating, endearing, and hauntingly beautiful.” – agora gallery

Lennette Newell was recently featured in Altered States of Reality Group Show at the Agora Gallery in Chelsea, New York. Lennette’s “Blue Eyes” was exhibited in the Animalia show at the Center.

(Photo credit: From the series As Above So Below by Odette England)

Odette England was awarded the inaugral 2010 Hotshoe Photofusion award for her series, As Above, So Below. An image from this series was also featured in the Center’s Natural World exhibition.

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Posted by The Center on December 1, 2010

(Photo credit: Odette England, Untitled #2)

Odette England explores the inherent and symbiotic duality of land and sky. Merging the above and the below, England forges her own middle ground.

In her own words:

‘As Above So Below’ is a phrase that indigenous cultures the world over live by: a belief that heaven and earth are the foundation of all creatures, including themselves. Land and sky are more than geographical icons; they are natural mirrors in which they see themselves reflected.

This work documents the desert landscape of Southern Australia – a traditional home of Aboriginal Australians, an indigenous people – from directly above and below a single standing point, brought together as a double exposure. I combine what otherwise exists separately, to explore the significance of primal middle ground where humankind resides. I aim to show the desert landscape as a location that has no fixed or definite direction, no dimension and no time – just as The Dreamtime (a mythical time before settlers from England arrived in Australia) is to Aboriginal Australians.

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