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Posted by The Center on June 4, 2010

The gallery reception for the “Animalia” exhibition is tonight, June 4, 2010, in the Center’s Main Gallery from 6 to 9 PM. The reception is FREE and open to the public.

(Photo Credit: Storage by Nicole Hatanaka)

Selected as an Honorable Mention by juror Karen Irvine, Nicole Hatanaka‘s photograph, Storage, is currently featured in the Center’s “Animalia” exhibition. Hatanaka’s image comes from her series, Taxinomia. Similar to featured artist Sarah Cusimano Miles, Hatanaka often turns her lens on animal specimens found in institutional collections. Hatanaka’s photographs document, in particular, the ways in which these institutions value, archive, and display the items within their collections.

Hatanaka’s artist’s statement reads:

My current body of work, “Taxinomia,” examines arrangements of objects in natural history museums and nature laboratories. Many of the photographs in this series were taken in the storage spaces, workspaces, offices, and backrooms of these institutions, and focus on the unexpected, accidental, and commonly overlooked. Underscoring my project is an interest in how specimens become worthy of preservation and study. What gets preserved and what gets thrown away? Which objects are put on a pedestal and which in a drawer? What determines value? More broadly, my practice is an attempt to deconstruct such binaries as ordinary and extraordinary, order and disorder, official and non-official, valuable and insignificant, in order to reframe the ways in which meaning may be constructed and interpreted for both the individual and the collective.

More of Nicole’s work can be found at:

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Posted by The Center on April 1, 2010

Four photographers–Steven Rood, Sarah Cusimano Miles, Amy Eckert, and Nicole Hatanaka–were chosen by juror Karen Irvine as the Honorable Mentions for the “Animalia” exhibition.

Stephen Rood

(Photo Credit: Speke’s Gazelle by Steven Rood)

(Photo Credit: Meerkat by Steven Rood)

Sarah Cusimano Miles

(Photo Credit: Heron (Ardea goliath) with pomegranate by Sarah Cusimano Miles)

(Photo Credit: Gull (Larus argentatus) with artichoke by Sarah Cusimano Miles)

Amy Eckert

(Photo Credit: Bunny by Amy Eckert)

Nicole Hatanaka

(Photo Credit: Storage by Nicole Hatanaka)