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Posted by The Center on August 30, 2010

(Photo credit: Nan Brown, Flats from the series Intimations)

The rabbit fast explosion of digital imaging saw the family album replaced by photo streams and online galleries. Family photography today is for the most part a disposable enterprise. This series from photographer Nan Brown explores youth in slow, segmented remembrances. The resulting images are not snapshots but artifacts of shared experience.

Her project statement reads:

My children allowed me to photograph them, to explore my view of them – perhaps revealing as much about my character as theirs – but I hope with honest insight into theirs. They simply trusted me as their mother. That intimacy of view is a privilege I have tried to respect.

See the rest of Intimations and more of Nan’s work at

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Posted by The Center on March 2, 2010

Today on PERSPECTIVES, the Center presents 15 photographers selected by juror Katherine Ware for the “Portfolio Showcase, Volume 4.” The depth and variety of the selected photographers represents work that ranges from personal, documentary undertakings to macro, graphic investigations.

The publication, “Portfolio Showcase, Volume 4” will be available in May, 2010.

Susan Hayre Thelwell

(Photo Credit: Ronaldo by Susan Hayre Thelwell)

“This project is a personal narrative journey, aspects of which connect with larger issues in our society.”

More of Susan’s work can be found at:

Kai-Uwe Gundlach

(Photo Credit: shibuya #3 by Kai-Uwe Gundlach)

“This very graphic way of constructing the image and the complete lack of background information gives the viewer deep insight into the single individual’s personality.”

More of Kai-Uwe’s work can be found at:

Jon Edwards

(Photo Credit: Mug Up by Jon Edwards)

“These individuals live simply, and display dignity and tenacity when, by choice or lack of opportunity, they are forced to survive under either the harsh economics or isolation of island living, or an increasingly difficult traditional way of life.”

More of Jon’s work can be found at:

Sharon Lee Hart

(Photo Credit: Dee Dee, Resident of Star Gazing Farm by Sharon Lee Hart)

“I have been visiting farm animal sanctuaries all over the country and making portraits of the residents.”

More of Sharon’s work can be found at:

Susan Abrams

(Photo Credit: Fierce Bloom- Magnolia by Susan Abrams)

“My work melds the spontaneous playfulness and fluidity of papermaking with the discipline inherent in the darkroom. Making my own paper accentuates the organic nature of the work.”


Elaine Wannechko

(Photo Credit: Traces of You by Elaine Wannechko)

“I use food to suggest the physical and/or psychological body … Like any living organism, they float, suggest movement, and expel bubbles of air.”


Stephen Strom

(Photo Credit: Sand Pattern II, Yachats, OR by Stephen Strom)

“I have turned my attention from the macro- to micro- worlds: choosing to image fragments of the desert and seaside beaches that express in their quiet, understated way the same powerful combination of pattern, history and emotion as the grander landscape.”

More of Stephen’s work can be found at:

Rita Maas

(Photo Credit: Shades & Shadows February 22, 2009 by Rita Maas)

“Shown in sequences, they reflect on the act of deliberately looking; creating a visual language of fragmented moments …”

More of Rita’s work can be found at:

Brook Reynolds

(Photo Credit: Ultimate by Brook Reynolds)

“I photograph abandoned gas stations to express my belief in the unavoidable end to our consumption of fossil fuels.”

More of Brook’s work can be found at:

Michael Flicek

(Photo Credit: Neighborhood Game, Wuhan by Michael Flicek)

“I actively sought to photograph scenes with human activities taking place in the parks and the older neighborhoods.”

More of Michael’s work can be found at:

Nan Brown

(Photo Credit: Trailers Collected, 58 by Nan Brown)

“These are architectural images. Through them I can examine human themes without photographing actual people.”

More of Nan’s work can be found at:

Gabriel Benaim

(Photo Credit: Ruty’s Roof by Gabriel Benaim)

“The process of photographing is, for me, one of discovering visual interest in the myriad forms presented to us, and of overcoming the habits that make our perceptions grow dull.”

More of Gabriel’s work can be found at:

Isa Leshko

(Photo Credit: Dangling Feet by Isa Leshko)

“From the moment we strap ourselves into our seats, we surrender ourselves to these giant machines and the physical release they provide.”

More of Isa’s work can be found at:

Ellen Rennard

(Photo Credit: Ponce, 2007 by Ellen Rennard)

“Focusing on the people, horses, and trappings of ordinary life, I chose black and white film and silver gelatin prints to suggest the look of photographs from the heyday of racing.”

More of Ellen’s work can be found at:

Tony Chirinos

(Photo Credit: Con Gana by Tony Chirinos)

“Using my camera as an ambassador, I am able to explore the tradition of cock fighting, and socially integrate myself in this community.”

More of Tony’s work can be found at: