(Photo credit: Masa Bajc, Scape 4)

Whether head under water soaking in the bath tub imagining you are in the ocean or emerging from the seemingly infinite depths of a much greater body of water, the under water experience is unified by a cavernous silence and a sudden languid stillness. Photographer and video artist Masa Bajc examines the surrealistic aspects of our environments with her Scapes project.

Of the project she writes:

Scape is a view, an (e)scape and a framework (landscape) used to contemplate space as an expansion of one’s intimate being. Relationships between perception and imagination, movement and stillness are explored in order to project the experience of space, reflecting on the way it might be sensed and not merely seen.

More than anything, Scapes are places, a point to stop at and leave the rest to imagination. Motionless, our view fixed in infinity, we escape to a different reality.

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