(Photo credit: Leo Mendonça, Ear Windows; Juror’s Award Selection)

Sao Paulo born and Pennsylvania based photographer Leo Mendonça follows the rhythms of the streets. Wandering the highways and biways that most take for granted on a consistent basis, Mendonça seeks out the particular music in a misread sign or a forgotten structure. His images speak to the layered existence of urban life.  Ear Windows, the Portraits Juror’s Award Selection, is no exception – an image of a woman, a building, a portrait of heartbeats within a billboard.

Mendonça’s passion for architecture and design – add licensed architect to his list of accolades – is evident not only in his measured approach to image capture but in his careful consideration of the human interplay, the impact of space on its human subjects.

See more of Leo’s work at www.leomendonca.com