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Posted by The Center on December 18, 2010

(Photo credit: Lennette Newell, Blue Eyes)

“fascinating, endearing, and hauntingly beautiful.” – agora gallery

Lennette Newell was recently featured in Altered States of Reality Group Show at the Agora Gallery in Chelsea, New York. Lennette’s “Blue Eyes” was exhibited in the Animalia show at the Center.

(Photo credit: From the series As Above So Below by Odette England)

Odette England was awarded the inaugral 2010 Hotshoe Photofusion award for her series, As Above, So Below. An image from this series was also featured in the Center’s Natural World exhibition.

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Posted by The Center on June 7, 2010

(Photo Credit: Blue Eyes by Lennette Newell)

Lennette Newell is a studio photographer with an uncanny ability to connect with animals. Her intimate portraits demonstrate that she is doing much more than putting an animal in front of a seamless backdrop. In other words, Newell’s photographs evoke the individual character of each respective animal as well as her relationship with them. Newell’s image of a spider monkey named Georgia, which is titled, Blue Eyes, is featured in the Center’s “Animalia” exhibition.

Describing her encounter with the monkey in her artist’s statement, Newell recalls:

Georgia and I connected immediately, we seemed to communicate via eye contact and body language … I sat on the floor to display my accessibility and, most importantly, to photograph when the time was right. She crawled into my lap and started grooming my hair, the ultimate gift from a primate. I will admit there was more socializing than photographing, though [both were] quite rewarding.

More of Lennette’s work can be found at:

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