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Posted by The Center on January 4, 2010

(Photo Credit: Calligraphy by Michael E. Gordon)

More of Michael’s work can be found at:

(Photo Credit: Palm Hammock, Titusville, FL by Benjamin Dimmit)

“I responded to the web of palm fronds and arching palm trunks forming a lush canopy. In thick hammocks, palm trees often alter their course of growth in their quest for light. The teeming vitality and density of life in these hammocks is evident in the large ferns growing near the tops of several palms.”

More of Benjamin’s work can be found at:

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Posted by The Center on December 21, 2009

(Photo credit: Intertidal by Steen Doessing)

(Photo credit: Stag Rock Study 4 (Black Water) by Steen Doessing)

Using long exposures, sometimes hours, I’m capturing a slow-motion sequence of seemingly infinite movements and changes surrounding static objects and letting these elements blend into a single visual plane.

Born and raised in Denmark, Steen Doessing is a black-and-white landscape photographer. His photographs Intertidal and Stag Rock Study 4 (Black Water) were featured in the “Art in Nature” exhibition. Intertidal was awarded the ASC Award. Most of his photographs include water because, for Doessing, water represents “life and the equanimity and power of nature.”

More of Steen’s work can be found at

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