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Posted by The Center on March 9, 2010

Last week, the Center announced juror Amber Terranova’s selections for the “Red” exhibition, which will be on display in the Main Gallery from April 23 – May 22, 2010.

Today on PERSPECTIVES, the Center shares with you the Amber’s choice for the Juror’s Selection as well as her two Honorable Mentions.

Juror’s Selection (Blurb Book award winner):

(Photo Credit: Sasha, Moscow 2007 by Natalia Engelhardt)

Juror’s Honorable Mentions:

(Photo Credit: Untitled (Couples) by Roger Generazzo)

(Photo Credit: Flurries by Shayne Lynn)


Posted by The Center on March 8, 2010

(Photo Credit: Iguazu Falls, Brazil by Jean-Claude Louis)

Jean-Claude Louis is a physician and scientist turned itinerant photographer. His work takes him all over the world and mostly focuses on cultural, social, and ecological issues. His photograph, Iguazu Falls, Brazil, was selected for the Center’s “Elements of Water” exhibition. Four other images by Louis were selected for the Center’s “Documentary” exhibition in November 2009. His photograph, Monks, Serchul Monastery, Kham, Tibet, 2007, was awarded the Juror’s Selection by juror Ed Kashi.

(Photo Credit: Rainy Day in Tagong, Kham, Tibet, 2007  by Jean-Claude Louis)

(Photo Credit: Monks, Serchul Monastery, Kham, Tibet, 2007  by Jean-Claude Louis)

(Photo Credit: Nomad Woman Preparing The Tea, Kham, Tibet, 2007  by Jean-Claude Louis)

(Photo Credit: Susana, Cerebral Palsy Patient, Kampala, Uganda, 2008  by Jean-Claude Louis)

More of Jean-Claude’s work can found at:

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