(Photo credit: Peter Lindstrom, “McKinley Park”)

(Photo credit: Peter Lindstrom, “Camden Street”)

You might find photographer Peter Lindstrom singing in the rain. Sourcing weather both atmospheric and inclement is standard procedure for Lindstrom, the results a blend of mystery and memory.

He writes:

I photograph scenes from nature in the early morning or evening hours to take advantage of the soft light. Weather conditions are an important element in my work. From the ferocity of a blizzard, to a blanket of morning fog, the atmospheric conditions set the mood for the image, and help to determine what printing process I will use.

[These images] have been created by a mutiple layer printing process referred to as Gum Bichromate over Ziatype. The first/primary printing is done with a Ziatype solution. This is a Palladium based process that creates a rich detailed, charcoal to sepia toned print. Onto this image, I will add from one to four additional printed layers using the Gum Bichromate process.