(Photo Credit: Rocks Racing Stars by Floris Van Breugel)

“… it seemed only right to include pictures from across the board–from fast to slow, from obvious to subtle, from spontaneous to created.”

The Center was honored to have photographer Rich Clarkson as the juror for the “Motion” exhibition, which is on display in the Center’s Main Gallery from March 19 to April 17, 2010.

Juror’s Statement:

An exhibition built around the Notion of Motion opens the photographer’s palate as wide as possible.  For motion is in the beholder’s eye.  And the eyes that produced these 50 pictures are as varied as the beholder’s definition of just what motion may be.  Literal as with a speeding leaping man or as sublime as a summer breeze playing with the trees of a forest.  So to jury such an intriguing topic, it seemed only right to include pictures from across the board–from fast to slow, from obvious to subtle, from spontaneous to created.

Creativity is many forms certainly came to the fore in the some 1800 submissions and the only thing lacking in the final selection are some other fine photographs.  The final show has one element throughout, that being quality.  There was high quality in these images, but some of them were stunningly beautiful. Some were fun. All were unique.

Years ago, I was the co-producer with Jane Livingston of an exhibition of great sports photographs, that for the Olympic Games in Atlanta.  They came from the entire history of photography, going back to the works of Edward Muybridge, Lewis Hine and even Alfred Steiglitz and William Henry Jackson.  And then on to Gregory Heisler, Annie Leibovitz, Walter Iooss, Neil Leifer and Brian Lanker.   (Anonymous had some wonderful pictures too.)  And what that exhibition proved is that the development of photography and its advancement has always been tied to capturing motion.  And that shows in these images as well.

This was a fun project.  The only thing that would have been more fun is that reserved for a curator to enjoy.  Pairing off and playing off these various images as they are hung in exhibition or organized on a page will bring even more fun, for someone else.

Rich Clarkson’s professional career has span over 50 years and has included the positions of director of photography and senior assistant editor of The National Geographic Society, contract photographer for Sports Illustrated, NCAA, Time and Life, and has covered eight world Olympics. Clarkson was named by American Photo magazine as one of the 50 most influential individuals in American photography. He is recipient of an Honorary Master of Science Degree in Professional Photography from the Brooks Institute of Photography. Clarkson serves as a consultant to media, advertising and photographic trade organizations. For the past two decades, Clarkson has offered guidance and inspiration in his representation of photographers, in book packaging projects and in his series of unique workshops.