(Photo Credit: Athletes in Putty by Erik Patten)

“[In the Silly Putty series,] I examine black and white newspaper images, which appear to have no great value to the story they illustrate, except as filler. They belong to a venerated system of representation, but now relate to that only incidentally.”

Featured artist Erik Patten uses his work “to flesh out the character” of usually overlooked objects. Patten’s Athletes in Putty diptych, which is from his Silly Putty series, lifts newspaper images of sports stars and gives them new meaning. By spreading silly putty onto printed media, the images are transferred—and flipped horizontally—onto the putty. Ideally, the series uses a nostalgic childhood pastime to project popular culture. The mirrored subjects become both confined and displaced on the synthetic putty membrane. The flesh-like quality of the putty suggests humans enclosed within an unnatural environment. Patten was selected for the Juror‘s Honorable Mention in the Center’s “New Visions” exhibition.

(Photo Credit: Erik Patten)

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