(Photo credit: Eric Pickersgill, “Drift”; Director’s Selection)
(Photo credit: Eric Pickersgill, “Lying Back“)

(Photo credit: Eric Pickersgill, “Procession“)

Photographer Eric Pickersgill unwittingly began his foray into the fascinating world of liquid light when he signed on as still photographer for the experimental film “Fleeting“. Transferring his medium format images to large, nearly wall sized fabric canvases was accomplished with much trial and error and a whole lot of liquid photo emulsion.

In his own words:

Once the motion picture had been processed by hand I could see the imperfections of the film and how beautifully they addressed the performance. I knew that straight forward prints of the performance would do little justice to the complexity of the project. I quickly began to search for alternative methods of photographically placing an image upon its support. After months of drawing, planning, experimenting, and even dreaming I constructed a way of printing the photographs for Fleeting.

If you are interested in some behind the scenes insight into the production of theseĀ  images, check out Eric’s process here. You can also see more of Eric’s work at www.ericpickersgill.com