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Posted by The Center on March 16, 2010

(Photo Credit: Ron by Manjari Sharma)

Two photographs by Manjari Sharma, entitled Ron and Born, were selected by juror John Paul Caponigro for the Center’s “Elements of Water” exhibition. Manjari is a Brooklyn-based photographer, originally from Mumbai, India, who often photographs people and water—usually incorporating  both within the same composition.  One of her selected images, Ron, comes from her well-received Shower Series, which has been featured as a PDN Photo of the Day and discussed in an interview at Nymphoto.

Most recently, the Shower Series caught the eye of a German brand that manufactures fine bathroom accessories called Grohe, particularly a woman named Kapila Sethi. Manjari told the Center,

“The art director Syed Usman came upon the Shower Series during a random search on water based images and presented me to the client. I was thus commissioned to photograph 10 Indians in the shower. The tag line for Grohe is appropriately ‘Enjoy Water.’ It makes me so happy to work with a client that is hiring me to create a series entirely based off of my aesthetics.”

(Photo Credit: Born by Manjari Sharma)

She has also recently been added to Richard Levy Gallery’s Project Room, which allows collectors to purchase work by emerging artists of varying mediums.

More of Manjari’s work can be found at:

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Posted by The Center on March 12, 2010

(Photo Credit: Zoey, Lake Michigan, Chicago, IL by Lloyd Ziff)

Lloyd Ziff’s photograph, Zoey, Lake Michigan, Chicago, IL, is featured in the Center’s “Elements of Water” exhibition.

Throughout his professional career, Ziff has gone from working as the Design Director for Condé Nast magazines such as House & Garden, Vanity Fair and Condé Nast Traveler to working as an independent photographer for the past decade. Ziff has been consistently photographing his whole life but only recently did he realize that his personal desire to photograph could also be translated into a profession. His photography work has been published in Vanity Fair, The New York Times Magazine, Blind Spot, and GQ, among others.

While studying as an illustration and graphic arts major at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, he took only one photography course. Ziff recalls how this one class activated his interest in photography:

“The professor, Arthur Fried, taught me the most valuable lesson I learned at Pratt: HOW TO SEE. I wish I could tell you how he did it but I can’t … I remember learning how much easier it is to take a ‘mean‘ photograph than a loving one. I remember spending many Saturdays in Arthur’s darkroom learning how to print. It must have been during these sessions I somehow also learned TO LOOK at photographs. Photography and the magic of the darkroom gave me a medium to express what only I felt. Now, after over 40 years, I see the sensibility that links all my best photographs—my sensibility—is the basic joy of living.”

More of Lloyd’s work can be found at: