(Photo credit: The First League Out by Eileen Kennedy)


Tax lawyer-turned-photographer, Eileen Kennedy takes photographs that ask questions about life outside the office. Her series Beyond Success depicts her husband as he prepares to retire from decades of working in law. The resulting images analyze her husband’s condition with an intimacy and immediacy representative of their enduring relationship.

In an excerpt from Kennedy’s artist statement, she describes the threefold-relationship between herself, her husband, and her camera:

As a spouse, I try to probe, listen and empathize. As an artist, my challenge has been to give visual expression to this tension. My working method varies. At times I have used a straight documentary approach, recording the moment or capturing the routine that may soon disappear. At other times, I take a more narrative approach, staging a situation that, although fictitious, is grounded in honest emotions. In both cases, I use the details of an individual life to evoke what I see as a quandary that many of our contemporaries (fifty-and-sixty-somethings) are facing.

This “contemporary what-to-do-with-my-life quandary” is something Kennedy faced subsequent to her own retirement from law. Photography has given her the ability to ask questions and, more appropriately, it has provided her with an outlet through which to analyze her life and the lives of those around her.

(Photo credit: Eileen Kennedy. From the Beyond Success series.)

(Photo credit: Eileen Kennedy. From the Beyond Success series.)

More of Eileen’s work can be found at http://eileenkennedy.com