Jun Masuda as Oyanagi © Hiroshi Watanabe

In the brief days since the devastation of Japan’s March 11 quake was compounded full fold by the subsequent tsunami, online arts communities have demonstrated that the impact of our digital spaces extends well beyond nifty did you knows and conversations free from real world relevance. Many rightly criticize the internet for its vacuous t.v. dinner soul but as a significant portion of an almost mythic country has been leveled by natural disaster, it becomes clear that the value of these communities – blogs, Facebook groups, Twitter followers – is in shared compassion.

Vineyard Blush © Tom Chambers

Moved to weeping by a lifelong affinity for a country she always meant to visit, wall space gallery‘s Crista Dix with photographer/blogger Aline Smithson are leading the charge with the creation of Life Support Japan – an amazing (and growing) effort that harnesses the talents of photographers world wide. Currently featuring the work of over 300 artists, wall space is offering limited edition prints (10 of each only) for $50, with proceeds split between Direct Relief International and Habitat for Humanity Japan. New collections are being added every few days.

Life Support Japan has spilled into its own web-space http://lifesupportjapan.blogspot.com and Facebook Group. Both are great ways to participate in and follow the progress of these efforts (over $50,000 raised and counting) We encourage you to join the cause (buy a print or two) and make a difference for the survivors of these tragic events.