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Posted by The Center on July 22, 2010

(Photo credit: Jon Feinstein, 12 grams)

After brief experimentation, early twentieth century physician Duncan MacDougall concluded that the weight of the human soul was 21 grams. Photographer Jon Feinstein conducts his own measurements within a more corporeal context. Titled by weight, the photograph 12 grams transforms the hamburger from fast food staple to scientific specimen.

“Fast Food” is a typological exploration of the food on its own. Hamburgers, French fries, chicken nuggets and “specialty” sandwiches are scanned on stark black backgrounds, isolated from their common context, without name recognition, nearly floating in space. Under austere, uniform lighting; stripped of branding, packaging and iconography, the food takes on a disgustingly scientific, yet ethereal quality.

The rest of Feinstein’s series can be seen at

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Posted by The Center on July 21, 2010

(Photo credit: Ryan Boatright, Untitled #5 (Rooftop) from the series Exurbia)

Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes made of ticky-tacky,
Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes all the same.

Photographer Ryan Boatright knows just what Malvina Reynolds was talking about. Beyond the suburbs lie the exurbs. Thought of as an upper middle class escape from the lack luster suburbs and the decay of urban neighborhoods, these high price enclaves seem to promote sameness and excess. In this series, Boatright searches the skylines of a Kentucky commuter town for a new definition of home.

In his own words:

Focus your critical attention on the fortress-like nature of exurbia. A vast, gray sky surrounds the emptiness of these structures. Builders construct homes of similar design for occupants who in turn conform to neighborhood codes and restrictions.  This photograph describes the formal commonality of design that homogenizes mainstream American culture.

More of Boatright’s work can be found at

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