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Posted by The Center on January 26, 2011

Portraits express a certain intimacy that is absent from figure free frames. While all images tell stories, faces trigger an empathic response – do I know you, are we alike, do I want to know you, let me understand. Photographer Shea Naer notes that photography speaks to the fluidity of time rather than the impossible freeze.

Shea writes:

A common perception is that photography freezes a moment, but this notion might be an illusion that image-making offers us. A picture which carries gravitas will transcend logical time, and seduce the viewer into another frame of reference.

See more of Shea’s work HERE

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Posted by The Center on January 25, 2011

(Photo credit: Ethan Welty, Nighttime in Santiago Matamoros)
(Photo credit: Ethan WeltyNighttime in San Cristobal)

Ethan Welty’s photography is fed by his background in science and his love of travel. Both of these passions are evident in Welty’s approach to documenting man and nature.

More of Ethan’s work can be seen at

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