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Posted by The Center on September 17, 2010

(Photo credit: David Saxe, Surfer, Highland Beach from the series Stolen Moments)

It’s possible that water becomes more elemental in black and white, the simultaneous reduction to textured light and shadow imbued with an ethereal quality. On film water exists contrary to the natural world – immutable, captive. Saxe’s image of a surfer beneath a beach side shower pauses on such a fleeting moment.

He abstracts:

Stolen Moments is the title of a jazz classic by Oliver Nelson which I used to listen to endlessly as a young man. It was my “comfort” piece and I would listen to it over and over again for hours —reclining on my couch, smoking a cigarette and dreaming of love lost and love found, my future, and place in the world. This was a special time in my life, and these photographs remind me of those days and those dreams.

See more of David’s work as well as a color version of Surfer at

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Posted by The Center on September 16, 2010

(Photo credit: Marko Susla, We Were to Meet Here from the series Longing)

A public space so often brushed past in the chill of night, the vacant bench in Marko Susla’s We Were to Meet Here has a story to tell. The busy romance of the distant city lights makes you wonder just how many sets of initials are carved into the wood.

See more of the Longing series here

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