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Posted by The Center on September 20, 2010

(Photo credit: Ariel Kessler, Travis with his Eyes Closed)

Photographer Ariel Kessler would be completely fine if digital imaging went the way of the dinosaurs. A firm proponent of the darkroom over desk top crusade, her photograph Travis with his Eyes Closed was produced using 20 x 24 Polaroid film.

She writes:

I wish I were alive in the early to mid 20th century where my favorite photographers and style of photography was being practiced. I believe in the artists hands involvement in the process of art rather than staring at a computer screen. Getting your hands dirty is key in the making of art.

See more of Ariel’s work at

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Posted by The Center on September 18, 2010

(Photo credit: Denise Trotier Johnson, Flow)

(Photo credit: Denise Trotier Johnson, Balance)

(Photo credit: Denise Trotier Johnson, Portrait Within)

Photographer Denise Trotier Johnson finds a certain zen in the act of image making. Her photographs Flow, Balance and Portrait Within are currently featured in the Center’s Black and White exhibition.

Visit to see more of Johnson’s work

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