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Posted by The Center on September 22, 2010

(Photo credit: Jill Moore, Getting Ready – Ciudad Juarez, New Mexico)

Beyond Little Miss Sunshine or its mediocre Sandra Bullock precursor, I’d safely hazard a guess that beauty pageants are a mystery to most of us. However, there is no denying either their universal prevalence or profound impact on participants. Photographer Jill Moore examines the Miss Lydia Patterson Institute experience in her series Beauty Contest.

In her own words:

Eighty percent of the school’s population lives in Juarez, Mexico and crosses the border five days a week to go to school in El Paso. The pageant took place in Juarez, I was fortunate to photograph the event. I had been documenting the students at the school for about two years and tried to go to as many student events away from the school as I could. The pageant is more than a beauty contest; the lucky girl will hold the title of Miss Lydia Patterson Institute. The girls were so preoccupied with getting ready that I became invisible – which was my hope. It was an incredible opportunity to be able to photograph an event that was so innocuous and joyful in such a torn and dangerous place.

See the rest of the Beauty Contest series at

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Posted by The Center on September 21, 2010

(Photo credit: Erin McGuire, Huntington Library)

Wandering through abandoned structures and over grown garden scapes, photographer Erin McGuire seeks the less concrete side of beauty. Translating the lush Huntington Library garden into black and white, McGuire capitalizes on the aberrations and sweet spot focus common to the plastic Holga camera.

She writes:

What I photograph the most are the mysterious spaces that lie off the beaten path. They hold a certain kind of magic for me…Whatever secrets they have, they keep. I photograph these places because it is the best way that I know to keep them close to me, to capture a little of that magic in my everyday life.

Visit to see more of Erin’s work

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