(Photo credit: Walt Jones, “Arch”)
(Photo credit: Walt Jones,”Swing”
(Photo credit: Walt Jones, “Break”)

You would not be remiss in wondering if photographer Walt Jones had a previous life with the dance world. A former lighting designer for modern dance and ballet, Jones seeks to abstract the literal beauty of bodies in motion. His “Liquefy” series functionally melds painting and photography into a singular medium.

An excerpt from his artist statement reads:

Through the process of injecting dyes into liquefied paraffin with various instruments, I discovered that I can gain control over the medium and coerce it, much as a painter moves pigment on a canvas, into recognizable human forms while maintaining so much of the stochastic qualities that initially led me to experiment with it in the first place.

To find the moment when serendipity aligns strings of color in just the right way, hundreds of exposures are made in the few minutes before the wax cools to a semi-opaque solid. Every image in this series represents just one of many attempts to bring each form to life.

Check out more of Walt’s work at www.waltjones.com