(Photo credit: Marita Gootee, Shark Dance)

(Photo credit: Marita Gootee, Gator)

Photographer Marita Gootee is perfectly at home with summer’s languid pace. Using a large format 8 x 10 pinhole camera, Gootee explores the emblematic promise of an empty swimming pool.

In her own words:

It is a hot summer day and what is more fun than to take a swim in a cool refreshing pool? The pool is the American icon for summer. It is a place to exercise the body and refresh the mind. It is a status symbol and one of independence.

These images explore the romance of the pool and the dreamlike quality of the lazy summer day… The light reflecting on the floating raft becomes a pool dance on the film. The figures are many times blurred. This creates a dreamlike – if not – mystical feel to the imagery.

See the rest of Gootee’s series at www.maritagootee.com