(Photo credit: Samuel Moulin, “Henry is Electrosensitive”)

Poor Henry just isn’t cut out for the 21st century. Keep your cell phone out of reach and close that lap top, wi-fi makes him dizzy. Samuel Moulin’s interpretation of a boy in need of techno Benadryl is the stuff of science fiction but the plot line is far from bizarre. Who hasn’t longed for a day (or a year) free from technological convenience?

Moulin writes:

Henry is electrosensitive. He is allergic to the new technologies of communication: aerial networks, wi-fi connections and cell phone waves give him headaches, burn his skin and could cause him cancer… In order to survive, he has to wear this protection suit.

However, you could open any medical book and search in vain for the word “electrosensitive.” Henry’s pathology doesn’t exist…

You can see more of Samuel’s work at www.samuel-moulin.fr