(Photo credit: Self-portrait as Odalisque by Rheana Gardner)

Face lifts, nose jobs, breast implants, liposuction, collagen injections—the body in the 21st century has become endlessly mutable, and surgical alteration is now an accepted part of American culture. Self-portrait as Odalisque explores the changing definitions and standards of female beauty. Using myself as a symbol for the modern woman, I deconstruct and manipulate iconic masterpieces of Western Art by layering text and illustrations of cosmetic surgery procedures in order to challenge society’s perception of ‘attainable’ beauty.

Photographer Rheana Gardner uses her knowledge of historical representations in art (click here and here) and coalesces these with photography and mixed media to create a “New Vision” of the female form.

More of Rheana’s work can be found at www.rheanagardner.com