(Photo Credit: Closet Studio by Nathanael Turner)

“I met Larson while I was living on Barton Street in the 19th ward of Rochester. I call, find out where he is, and drive across the river. I am artificial. I am willingly forced into something that I do not merge with. The camera creates a divide, and although I sometimes break across that line and become a participant, I am never fully a part of his life … The Closet Studio gives Larson a voice. His words are captured and projected out into the world. It is this need to communicate that ties our lives together.”

Nathanael Turner’s photograph, Closet Studio from his Larson series, was selected for the Center’s  “New Visions” exhibition. In this series, Turner often turns his camera directly at his subject, who–as alluded to in the series’ title–is identified as Larson. Symbolically, Turner also examines his subject’s existence by picturing Larson’s surroundings, home, and neighborhood.

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(Photo Credit: Nathanael Turner)

(Photo Credit: Nathanael Turner)

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