(Photo credit: Jesus Jimenez, Energy Trace II, 621 Calorie Circle; Director’s Selection)

No, that isn’t a crop circle. This is the calling card of clever multimedia artist Jesus Jimenez. Awarded Director’s Selection, Energy Trace II, 621 Calorie Circle documents the aftermath of expending 621 calories walking in a circle. Jimenez’s piece goes far beyond a simple circle in the grass – this site specific work is an elegy to the fleeting nature of human existence.

From Jimenez’s artist statement:

I have found my inspiration in a personal obsession for the order, the trace and the object… My body of work is about staging and documenting absurd transitory and ephemeral situations for the camera to create not narrative, but descriptive images of a particular reality. My intention is to leave imprinted within these spaces my ideas and physical trace.

Check out this project in its entirety at www.jesusjimenez.com