(Photo credit: Meghan Cronrath, The Path of Innocence)

With The Path of Innocence, Meghan Cronrath interprets the world of women within an Old Order Mennonite community. Unfettered by modern technology, Old Order Mennonites are firmly grounded in faith and tradition. Through her own rural upbringing, Cronrath was afforded rare access to this very private world.

In her own words:

The Path of Innocence is a secret world of young women in a small community of Old Order Mennonites. My photographs will take you on a journey where the stillness offers a poetic peace. The photographs portray a sense of the young women’s contentment in living in a protective bubble of permanence created by tradition and religion.
This photographer has grown up in a small farm community and for many years has had the opportunity to photograph these young women. They allowed me to enter into their world of deep faith and tradition. One wonders, “Do they long and yearn to know about life the way other young women do?” The photographs are meant to preserve the beauty of the landscapes and the unpretentious human element as well.