(Photo credit: Chengdu Flamingos by Hugo Teixeira)

Hugo Teixeira’s photographs, Chengdu Flamingos and Xi’an Hippopotamus, were awarded the Juror’s Selections for the “Animalia” exhibition. Both images come from Teixeira’s China Zoo series, which documents how animals relate to China’s consumerism. The series portrays the distinctive manmade barriers that separate “us-from-them” and how these constructed environments are intended for animals to function as spectacle. Some of Teixeira’s photographs are distinctive of China, while others provide generalizations and commentary about zoos from around the world.

Discussing his project and working in China, Teixeira’s artist’s statement reads:

You were as likely to find a tiger in your soup as you are to find one in a cage at a zoo. And while at first I approached the subject mater in a documentary fashion, as much out of outrage as curiosity, I soon saw the resulting images as just that: a testament to the complexity of humankind’s relationship with animals.

Click [HERE] to see the entire China Zoo series.

(Photo credit: Xi’an Hippopotamus by Hugo Teixeira)

More of Hugo’s Work can be found at www.hugoteixeira.com