(Photo credit: Heron (Ardea goliath) with pomegranate by Sarah Cusimano Miles)

Photographer Sarah Cusimano Miles was recognized by juror Karen Irvine as an Honorable Mention in the Center’s “Animalia” exhibition. Her photographs Heron (Ardea goliath) with pomegranate and Gull (Larus argentatus) with artichoke were both selected for exhibition. Both images display arranged animal specimens in a manner that suggests the institutional cataloging of animalia as seen through the gaze of art history.

Discussing her photographs, Cusimano Miles’ artist’s statement reads:

I am interested in collections of objects and our relationships to them. These photographs explore the “not on view” public collection at the Anniston Museum of Natural History located in Alabama. They represent the excess of the collection; the specimens that are acquired and then shelved for long periods of time … By portraying these objects through the tradition of the still life, I hope to comment on the still present issue of decadence in our culture, while illuminating the unheralded beauty of that which is held in stasis.

(Photo credit: Gull (Larus argentatus) with artichoke by Sarah Cusimano Miles)