(Photo credit: Bunny by Amy Eckert)

Can you mass-produce a sense of home? asks Amy Eckert.

Her photograph, Bunny, was recognized as an Honorable Mention by Karen Irvine, juror of the Center’s upcoming “Animalia” exhibition. The image comes from Eckert’s series, Manufacturing Home.

In her artist’s statement, Eckert describes the popular marketing tactics of display homes and, tellingly, the use of animal imagery to persuade consumers:

Manufacturing Home explores ideas of Home via the multi-billion dollar industry selling the idea back to us. The display homes in my pictures are brand-new and have not been lived in yet … They are stage sets awaiting the drama of daily life. I identify with the random objects trying hard to make the empty rooms seem familiar. The use of prop animals to help sell homes suggests the enormous role that they play in our lives, and hints at our universal need for security and companionship.

More of Amy’s work can be found at www.amyeckertphoto.com