(Photo credit: Amy Giese, “070909.2143.10011” from the series “Concealed at first, at last I appear”)

Amy Giese’s photograms echo late autumn light filtered through a window blind, the heavy intermix of bright and shadow a reminder that summer has left the building. Giese examines cast shadows, questioning both the reality of the eye and the captured image – leaving plenty of room for interpretation.

She writes:

For the past two years, I have been exploring ideas of representation, truth and abstraction in relation to photography by creating photograms of shadows cast at night.  I am trying with some futility to redefine the medium for myself – to breathe new meaning into a process that many now believe is dying, or at least changing beyond recognition. By working with photograms, there is an implied proof or truth to the image.  Yet because I have removed all reference to reality, the final image is more an abstract composition rather than a traditional photographic depiction of a place or thing. We desire these recordings to be moments of truth, yet we simultaneously understand that the reproduction is never actually the same as the original.

See more of Amy’s work at www.amygiese.com