Re-Making The Mark | Zora J Murff

May 31 - September 7, 2019

Re-Making The Mark | Zora J Murff


This exhibition will be hosted in conjunction with and exhibited at the Gregory Allicar Museum.

1400 Remington Street, Fort Collins, CO 80523



Re-making The Mark is the combination of two projects, A Lineage (An Erasure) and At No Point In Between. This work focuses on the problematic historical and contemporary criminalization and Othering of blackness in America. Zora J Murff reinterprets historical and existing narratives of race, violence, and power by exploring the relationship between “fast” and “slow” violence.


The words, Lest We Forget, etched on 100 bricks atop a casket-like plinth honor the memory of Will Brown, and the anniversary of his lynching in 1919 in Omaha, Nebraska (fast violence). An image of his murderers hovers over the installation, a reminder of the antimony of lynching photos. Once used to shame black victims, they are now evidence of the inhumanity of white mob violence. Engraved wood plaques present the discriminatory language of redlining (slow violence) for the viewer to read and consider. Each brick serves as a reminder of an ongoing crisis—mnemonics of violence that is unrelenting and ever-evolving.


The combination of photographic images, sculpture, and artifacts make visceral the continued theft of black life by white hands. By creating a collection of images scrutinized in both their historical and contemporary contexts, Murff metaphorically connects the body and the landscape, fast and slow violence. By intertwining witnessing and critical analysis, he provides a deeper understanding of systemic white supremacy and the resulting violence therein.