Center Forward 2018 Weekend Classes September 9th!

Sunday, September 9, 2018, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Join us for the Center Forward Weekend in September!

These Classes are open for anyone to participate in.


The Classes

Instructors Kimberly Chiaris and Kris Graves will teach three classes each on Sunday September 9th in Fort Collins, Colorado. The Kris Graves classes offer a professional development track and the Kimberly Chiaris classes offer a creative cyanotype track. You can take one, two or three sessions. Feel free to mix and match! These classes are open to anyone to participate in. Please contact us at 970-224-1010 or with any questions about these classes.


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Each class is $60.00 for a two-hour session

Member Price is $55.00 for each two-hour session



Classes with Kris Graves




+KGP collaborates with artists to create limited edition publications and archival prints, focusing on contemporary photography and works on paper. We focus all of our publications on current world issues including, but not limited to race, policy, social awareness, feminism, culture, and wealth. Our goal is to make books and prints affordable to every level of collector. We at +KGP love to help everyone with their aspirations in photography.






Editing and Sequencing

10 – 12 am

This interactive workshop will cover topics in image selection. Specifically, we will discuss how to choose the most successful imagery for use on the web, grants, submissions, books, and printed portfolios. Please be prepared with a printed (8×10″ preferred) body of work.


Introduction to Self Publishing

1 – 3 pm

This lecture and interactive workshop will cover how to produce a book, from beginning to end. We will discuss researching materials, approaching printers, color correction and readying files, finding a writer, the process of proofing, creating a pre-ordering process, shipping, and time management.



Commerce Pricing and Standards

4 – 6 pm

This discussion will cover topics on creating competitive and accurate pricing for your printed and digital projects. We will also talk about pricing jobs for commercial, editorial, fashion, and more. Lastly, we will converse about researching your clients and best practices.



Kimberly Chiaris Classes





Kimberly Chiaris grew up with a love for all things creative and found a voice to express herself through photography. She received a BFA in Photography from the Kansas City Art Institute. Chiaris works with many forms of photographic art from analog to digital often using both to create her art. She works with digital imagery using photoshop to begin her process but often incorporates other materials such as encaustic wax, Japanese paper, cotton, silk, silver leaf, embroidery and more in her work. Working with Alternative Processes is especially satisfying to her as well as making books and 3 dimensional work. Exploring ideas around memory, ancestry, family and time are her passion.






Intro to Cyanotype

10 – 12 am

Create easy to make beautiful prints using one of the oldest photographic processes. Cyanotype is a photographic and light sensitive printing process that produces a permanent cyan-blue print. This is a contact printing process that can be done without the use of a camera. I will walk you through the process and provide hand outs for reference. We will make personal images by setting objects on photo sensitive paper, using sunlight or a UV exposure unit and develop them in water.
Feel free to bring alone some of you own objects that have a strong shape to set on the light sensitive paper or cloth. A few ideas: objects that have as strong geometric shape, glass bottles, dried flowers or leaves, dead insects that have a distinct shape, keys, feathers, lace or doilies, gloves, shells, thoughts or a poem that you would like to hand scribe. I will provide objects to experiment with too.


You can bring digital negatives to try out on this process but it is not essential for this class. If you do, make them no larger than 8” x 10” black and white and reversed. They can be printed on overhead projector film (OHP film) meant for printing with a desktop printer.



Cyanotype: The Next Level

1 – 3 pm

In this workshop we will talk about how to take your cyanotype skills to a new creative level. We will delve into the chemistry, negatives, bleaching and toning, wet technique, multiple exposure, printing on various kinds of substrates, mixed media and other photographic processes to enhance your process. I will provide printed information and resources for you to take home with you.
We will make some prints using your own digital negatives and then experiment with some of these techniques using alternative substrates as well as different types of papers. If you took the Intro to Cyanotype workshop you can use some of the prints you made in that class for practice.
Bring 3 or 4 digital negatives that are 8×10 or smaller that have a fair amount of contrast to them. If you don’t know how to make your own negatives you can prearrange for me to print them for a small fee.


Cyanotype and the Hand Made Book

4 – 6 pm

In this workshop we will look at some hand made book forms that pair well with Cyanotype. We will then make one of those books using the Cyanotype process to print on the paper. This is an accordion style book with a fun twist. Bring digital negatives as well as objects that have a very distinct shape to them and are meaningful to you. If you don’t know how to make your own digital negatives you can prearrange for me to print them for a small fee. We will lay these down on paper that we will sensitize, expose and develop. We will fold and tear the paper in different direction to make a Japanese Secret Book.


Image Credit: Kimberly Chiaris

Please contact The Center at 970-224-1010 or with any questions.