Patrick Nagatani | Tape-Estries Artist Reception July 11th

Friday, July 11, 2014, 5:00 - 8:00

Please note: The date for this event has been moved to July 11th

Please join The Center for Fine Art Photoghraphy in celebrating the Patrick Nagatani’s most recent series The Buddhist Tape-esteries.

Nagatani designs each photograph both with the creation of subject matter and by
manipulating the scenes photographically by adjusting the camera’s narrow depth of
field with forced perspective, a filmmaking technique used to create optical illusions,
such as making objects appear smaller or larger, or appear far away when set space is
limited. Having built and then photographed his sets, Nagatani prints the images as
Polaroid, Cibachrome or Ilfoflex photographs before destroying the sets.
With an innate sense of magical realism, Nagatani encompasses such diverse subjects
as Buddhism, gender and ethnic injustice and paradoxes, the creation and history of
nuclear modernity, Japanese-American heritage, history of photography, theories of
media as the message, bodybuilding, color, light, healing, cancer, technology, magic,
counting cards, family, favorite dogs and toys, falling out of the sky and flying into it.
Each print is coded with multiple visual layers of clues and information, which lead to
unrelated parallel strands of vision and emotion.The intensity of his subject matter is
softened by the sheer beauty of the images and the humor he often brings to them.